In an unbelievable display of public shaming at Monday’s televised Public Safety Commission meeting, commission Chairwoman Ruth Williams abruptly stopped fellow commissioner Tory Berger from speaking as he was questioning Sheriff’s Detective Sergeant Bishop regarding the horrific axe attack of September 2nd and the ensuing events in the days following.

Commissioner Desiree Sol then interrupted Detective Sergeant Bishop’s attempted response and piled on, sarcastically asking if Commissioner Berger knew that he was speaking with law enforcement officers and insinuating that he should not ask questions.

Commissioner Berger hesitatingly ceased his line of questioning and the discussion abruptly ended. The remaining members of the commission looked stunned, as did the Fire and Sheriff officials and audience members.

Watch the drama unfold at the 2:25:00 mark:

Such an unprofessional display is not uncommon to the Public Safety Commission in recent years.

Commissioner Sol is famous for interrupting fellow commissioners and lecturing on how many questions and comments commissioners should have.  She frequently rolls her eyes when others are speaking, sighs loudly, or complains under her breath when others are talking. She has even been known to publicly berate Wehoans who volunteer their time to speak at the commission meetings.

Chairwoman Ruth Williams is also a vocal proponent of curtailing questions and comments by commissioners, and frequently moans from the dais about the length of time spent on topics at the monthly meetings. She spent a significant amount of time at Monday’s meeting admonishing her fellow commissioners to limit their comments and purview.

It seems to us that the Public Safety Commission exists to serve the public in West Hollywood- not the other way around. If a commissioner is questioning law enforcement regarding a significant crime event about which the public was clamoring for information, why shouldn’t the commissioner be able to finish his or her line of questioning on the subject?

What does Chairwoman Williams and Commissioner Sol not want the public to know??

This has become a consistent pattern of behavior from Commissioners Williams and Sol, and as a result the Public Safety Commission has long been a laughingstock among many city residents in the know.

The question is, when will the other four commissioners join Commissioner Berger in aggressively standing up for the public?

We deserve better.


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