The Houston Chronicle reported yesterday that two men who were killed may have been lured to their deaths by a pair of cousins using a popular gay dating app.

The article says that although robbery appears to be the most likely motive, Harris County Sheriff’s investigators have not ruled out the possibility that the men were slain by serial killers, and they are actively seeking additional victims. You can read the article in its entirety in the Houston Chronicle.

The use of Grindr and other apps to meet for quick hookups is hugely popular in Weho. Over the years we have heard of many instances in West Hollywood of men who have been robbed, assaulted, kidnapped or vandalized after inviting a person (or more than one person) to their home while using a hookup app.

We urge anyone who uses hookup apps to exercise caution before inviting a stranger into your home. Meet your guests somewhere public first, like a coffee shop. Alert a trusted friend of your activities. Lock your valuables and cash in a safe before the stranger(s) comes over. Buy pepper spray or other protective tools and keep them in strategic places should you need to defend yourself. And don’t hesitate to call 911 the moment things start to go downhill.

Your life is worth far more than an anonymous thrill.


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