The Weho Sheriff wants to meet you. And they’ll even buy you a cup of coffee.

Problem is, they’re only offering an hour- and it’s at 8 in the morning on a Wednesday. I guess if you’re the creative type and work from home, that might work for you. But then again, they also say creatives do their best work at night and sleep in.

Anyway, if you’re awake/available/interested, the Sheriff captain and some other Weho cops will be hanging out at Astro Burger at Santa Monica & Gardner from 8-9 am tomorrow (Wednesday, July 26). With all the drama that’s been happening in that area lately, this is a good chance to get some face time with your local cops. Stop by and say hello.

These events historically haven’t had great attendance. Usually there are many more cops and city staffers than residents. It would be great to find ways to turn that ratio around.

Meanwhile, LAPD is having a neighborhood safety meeting for the Melrose area on Wednesday as well, except theirs is at 7 PM at Blu Jam Cafe. They are expecting a large crowd.

Pro-tip to the Sheriff: We love the idea of you going out and meeting the people, but perhaps consider having your meet and greets on a day and time when the people are actually available- like evenings and weekends.


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