Have you been hearing about the crazy stuff that’s been going on in the Fairfax area of Weho and Weho adjacent? Users of Nextdoor.com in the Fairfax and east side area have been buzzing lately with stories of rapes, attempted rapes, vandalism, burglaries, break-ins, peeping toms and suspicious prowlers. In the last week alone, several big crime stories have been posted.

One story involves two ladies who had just moved into an apartment on Ogden last week and were home when a man armed with a gun climbed in through an open window, tied them up and proceeded to assault them. Luckily their screams eventually scared the man off and they were able to escape. The suspect is still at large and you can read more about that case here.

The following day, an elderly woman was found dead in her home on Curson, but the death seems suspicious and there is talk of it being a possible rape and murder. The investigation is still under way.

In another incident on Curson last week, a man with a knife was attempting to steal a scooter  from a garage. The Sheriff arrested the man but later released him, apparently due to lack of evidence.

On Sierra Bonita, neighbors reported that a man has been trespassing and peeping in women’s windows over the last month. He is described as short, middle aged black man who drives a silver Chevy Silverado truck.

Another peeping tom was reported on Orange Grove last week. A woman was watching TV late at night when she heard rustling right outside the window where she sat. She got up to look and saw a man standing right at her window looking in. She screamed and he ran away. Police were called and a search was conducted, but no one was apprehended.

On Laurel Ave a man broke into an apartment when the resident wasn’t home and sprayed the entire apartment with a fire extinguisher. He also stole cash, and on his way out of the building, entered other apartments and stole various items.

And on Gardner Ave, several residents reported that a man has been prowling around and attempting to get into buildings in the area. He is described as a white male with a darker complexion, dark hair, in his 30s/40s, and stout build with broad shoulders.

It’s understandable that residents are on edge in Weho lately. Lock your doors and windows at all times, and if you walk outside at night, walk with a friend and walk alert with your head up. Carry a whistle, pepper spray, a flashlight, a baseball bat, or anything legal in the state of California that you feel will help you protect yourself. And please call 911 immediately if you see someone who looks suspicious. It never hurts to have the cops check it out just in case.

We think Nextdoor.com is a great way for neighbors to keep each other alerted to crimes and other things going on in our neighborhoods. Everyone should go sign up now!


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